Graduate and undergraduate students participate in the Puerto Rico Strong Motion program (PRSMP) in activities related with research, deployment and operation of the strong motion network, for studies of ground motion response and structural analysis of civil engineering constructions (buildings, bridges, dams). In addition to the above, measurement campaigns of ambient vibration measurements for local site conditions characterization ar part of a serie of studies conducted for the principal urban areas in Puerto Rico. The Civil Engineering graduated program of the University of Puerto Rico, is an excellent option for students persuading graduate studies in civil engineering.

  • Mauricio Upegui, Ph.D. Graduate Student, PRSMP Monitoring Building vibrations and structural response, Site characterization.
  • Angie Cordoba, M.Sc. Graduate student, PRSMP Web-page administrator
  • Sergio Cardona
  • Manuel Candelario, M.Sc. Graduate student
  • Romel, M.Sc. Graduate student